((( O ))) to explain her journey with documentary

((( O ))) to explain her journey with documentary

((( O ))) is shedding light on the story behind her name and journey.

The Filipina neo-soul singer announced earlier this week that she will be premiering a short documentary where she explains her unpronounceable name and the Sundrop Garden, her collection of "moondrops" or songs, which she brings together at the end of 12 cycles to form a full-length album or a "sundrop."

"I followed a series of numbers I realised were communicating with me since I was a child, and led me to the rhythms of nature as my guide to planning and manifesting everything that is considered art," the off-grid artist shared with Bandwagon in an interview.

The ((( O ))) documentary will be available for streaming on January 29 (Friday) at 9 a.m. PT.

Watch the 'iFeel' music video below.

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