Behind the scenes of Akeem Jahat's visit to the Darul Ihsan Orphanage

Behind the scenes of Akeem Jahat's visit to the Darul Ihsan Orphanage

Last Friday, local hip-hop favourite Akeem Jahat visited the Darul Ihsan Orphanage in Singapore to give back to the community, and Bandwagon had the opportunity to tag along.

This is not Akeem's first visit to an orphanage, but it was his first visit in his capacity as a rapper, and as part of a movement by Tripillars Management Company. "It has always been a humble experience whenever I visit an orphanage," Akeem said. "It reminds me to count my blessings whenever times gets rough for me."

During the trip, Akeem and his team gifted the kids with official Akeem Jahat merch, which was specially printed in their sizes, and shared with them Akeem's latest track, 'Duppy Freestyle', which had been released just the night before. While Akeem and his team expressed their hopes to give back to as many orphans in Singapore as possible, they have acknowledged that due to time constraints and the lack of supplies, they could only visit one location.

When asked if the children recognised him, Akeem said, "Some knew who I was, some did not. This kids probably do not have the same access as us. We basically bonded over comic books instead."

Akeem is well-known for being a family man, which definitely played into his decision to visit Darul Ihsan."Family is everything to me," he told Bandwagon. "If I could pay forward the gift of love my family showered me, that would be it."

Check out some of the photos captured from Akeem Jahat's visit to the Darul Ihsan Orphanage below. 

Note: The children's faces have been blurred to protect their privacy.