ATARASHII GAKKO! turn pineapples into music in their latest EP 'SNACKTIME' — listen

ATARASHII GAKKO! turn pineapples into music in their latest EP 'SNACKTIME' — listen

It's SNACKTIME and ATARASHII GAKKO! come bearing treats. 

Fresh from their incredible festival debut at Head In The Clouds last weekend, the Japanese group are back with their latest EP. Released today (12 November) via 88rising, the new record features 5 tracks including their recently released single 'Pineapple Kryptonite'.

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Made in collaboration with esteemed producer Money Mark, SNACKTIME features varied genres and styles, with each track exploring a different vibe and movement. 

"When I saw their old music videos, I felt that they needed other kinds of beats, or their movements would be restricted. Every song has a different kind of movement to it. They need different types of songs to keep their movements fresh," says Money Mark, in an official press statement. 


Similar to ATARASHII GAKKO!'s releases thus far, the EP takes on the theme of evolution and empowerment. Determined to showcase the world a new perspective on Japanese youth, SNACKTIME continues the group's highlight the fun and chaos of being young.

"We want to break the typical image that people have towards Asians, and show that there are some really unique Asian people out there. 88rising is showing that there are incredible Asian artists that can have a worldwide appeal, and we want to be a part of that,” said member Sazuka. 

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But of course, it wouldn't be ATARASHII GAKKO! without their strange yet incredibly enticing storylines. Featuring an alien and a pineapple, SNACKTIME sees the 'NAINAINAI' hitmakers traverse a new intergalactic realm as they venture to fight, conquer, and reign. 

Oddly enough, the entire concept began with an actual pineapple, shared Rin

"Mark brought a pineapple to our first recording session at 88rising as if it were an instrument or something. We thought we were going to eat the pineapple together, but that wasn’t why he brought the pineapple apparently. It was just sitting there the whole time during the session, she said.

"I had a pineapple that I had left in the car, which I brought into the studio as a kind of a test to see if they were going to think I was weird. Would they think I was just a weird guy that they’re going to try to do one song with?," said Mark. 


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