Bandcamp to donate revenue shares for "racial justice, equality, and change"

Bandcamp to donate revenue shares for "racial justice, equality, and change"

Over the last couple of weeks, the world has witnessed a series of rallies to protest the continuing racial injustice against the Black community. From musicians and artists showing support online to music industry giants participating in Blackout Tuesday, this is a fight that has united the world. 

Bandcamp has also joined the cause and announced that, from here on out, they will be giving all revenue shares every Juneteenth (June 19) to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund - an organisation that has long been dedicated to promoting racial equality. 

In addition, they will also be allocating an additional US$30,000 to partner with firms that continually fight for racial justice and support people of colour. 

"We'll continue to promote diversity and opportunity through our mission to support artists, the products we build to empower them, who we promote through the Bandcamp Daily, our relationships with local artists and organisations through our Oakland space, how we operate as a team, and who and how we hire," said Bandcamp CEO and co-founder Ethan Diamond in a statement.

This comes after the company's continued efforts in providing direct aid to artists who have been heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Since March, Bandcamp has been implementing direct-to-artists sales, by waiving all revenue shares for 24 hours on every first Friday of the month. 

To support the cause, here are some acts and their latest offerings on Bandcamp you can check out: