Bandwagon's Guide to Paradise International Music Festival

Bandwagon's Guide to Paradise International Music Festival

In the hurly-burly of the city we call Manila, it is close to impossible to find a semblance of paradise.

Sure, we love our very own concrete jungle in more ways than one. But with the blaring horns, thick smog and the heavy traffic as commonplace as your neighborhood 7-11, even the most ardent of city dwellers would want to take a break.

Enter Paradise International Music Festival, an oasis that promises to satisfy the tired metropolitan in you through eargasmic local and international acts from a variety of genres. With this happening on a hot Saturday summer night and at one of the most accessible event venues in the city, Paradise IMF might as well be the perfect one-day getaway. So you can grab a handful of equally burned-out friends and the right outfit and you're all set... right?

Well, hold that excitement in for just a few more days — let us at Bandwagon give you some tips on how to make your Paradise IMF experience one nirvana of a night.

Ready your musical palate.

When Paradise IMF say variety, they really mean variety and a big one at that: from hip-hop to pop to alternative rock.

So while you may be very familiar with hip-hop headliner Kanye West, it is best to remember that there will be loads of other artists who have a lot of different types of music to offer. 

Sample some of these heavenly musical flavors with a special edition of our mixtape of the month. Click on Kanye's heart to listen: 


Picture your very own brand of Paradise.

Strategize! Mix and match the different acts to make sure that you don't miss out.


Make sure you hold the right "Key".

Different types of Keys open different types of doors — and the same is true in Paradise. Take a look at what yours has in store for you.

(Get them here, if you still haven't got one.)


Prepare your Palms for payment.

No, we don't mean the end part of your upper limbs. Like your usual utopia, Paradise IMF has their own currency: Palms. Load up your Palms into your RFID wristbands and enjoy the food and other goodies the festival has in store for you.


Get set before you run out of sunsets.

You only have a few more sunsets left. Don't get stranded in Paradise without these.


...and don't get stranded out of Paradise because of these.


Find your way around Paradise.

Take note of the entrances, food booths, bar and the festival necessity we all have a love/hate relationship with - the portalet. 


Paradise International Music Festival is happening on Saturday, April 9, 2016 at Aseana City.