“It's everything I was supposed to tell someone but couldn’t.” Beabadoobee on debut album, Fake It Flowers

“It's everything I was supposed to tell someone but couldn’t.” Beabadoobee on debut album, Fake It Flowers

Beabadoobee's highly-anticipated debut album is finally here.

The first full-length release of singer-songwriter Beatrice Laus, Fake It Flowers is about Laus' life so far - "from childhood to teenager, and to a young woman today.” The 12-track record includes previously released singles 'Care,' 'Sorry,' 'Together,' 'Worth It', and 'How Was Your Day?'. 

In a press conference, the Brit Award nominee revealed that “The whole idea behind Fake it Flowers is everything I was supposed to tell someone but couldn't. It's like a letter I wrote and never sent to the person that was meant for. They're all really personal songs about my life in general, to someone specific. Every song is about someone else, there's probably two songs about the same person, you know, how much they fucked me up. You know, they’re really personal songs that kind of encapsulates my whole life."

Being a woman in the music industry has always come with its own set of challenges, and the Filipino-Brit artist hopes to uplift and empower girls around the world through her feel-good music. “I get perceptions from myself as a young Asian woman that I have to act a certain way, I can't be loud or annoying or sarcastic and be myself. I wanted to make an album for girls to listen to and be like, “Yeah, fuck, I'm gonna whine I'm going to be annoying. I'm going to be a bitch and it's going to be okay.” You know, it's okay to be annoying. It's okay to be whatever the fuck I want to be. You learn from your mistakes. The more comfortable you are being yourself, the more confident you are, the more you realise a lot of things about your life.” she shared. 

Explaining that whenever she feels upset, dancing in front of the mirror always helps because of the endorphins. By creating this album, she wants Fake it Flowers to be that playlist for other girls to jam to. 

“Dye it Red right now is like my jam. I’ve been playing it all the time," Laus shared when asked about her favourite song on the album. "I love the bassline, my producer, Pete, came up with the bassline. It’s so groovy and so fun to sing.”

Beabadoobee recently announced a UK and Ireland Tour set for 2021, but with most of Asia still in lockdown (along with large scale event restrictions), fans in the region will have to wait a bit more to see Laus perform in real life. “I’m literally hoping and praying to go on tour around Asia. Because of the situation right now and corona, the chances are very slim. But hopefully, corona can fuck off. And that won't exist anymore. So I can go and see everyone in Asia. I mean, it's like my dream place. It also feels like home for me because I'm from the Philippines and I'd be even closer to home. So yeah, that would be a dream of mine. I mean, I'm gonna go whether you like it or not. Gonna see you guys!”

Beabodoobee celebrated the release of her debut album with a live performance of Fake It Flowers, watch it here:

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Image Credits: Callum Harrison