Ben&Ben greets us early in the morning with 'Sunrise' – listen

Ben&Ben greets us early in the morning with 'Sunrise' – listen

Indie folk-pop band Ben&Ben has already made our morning a few days ago with their endearing take on one of The Beatles' classic, but they're not done making our mornings more special.

Making good on their promise of sharing singles, collaborations, and special releases starting last month, the nine-piece ensemble welcomed the new day with their newest single entitled 'Sunrise,' a hopeful anthem about growing up.

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While the song was created with light words and an upbeat melody, the song focuses on waking up to hard realities in life and facing them with hope and optimism. According to the band, it is about yearning for the past, but putting faith with what is to come.

'Sunrise' is a pop song infused with the folk and world music sensibilities that Ben&Ben fans and listeners have grown to love. The art for the band's newest single was created by Sindikato's Nicolai Maybituin. 

Stream it here:

Ben&Ben are set to perform in a back-to-back concert with Clara Benin on October 6. Tickets to Karpos Live Mix 2.2 go on sale on June 30. Get tickets here.