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BP Valenzuela to host audio-visual gig "Salpukan sa Mow's"

BP Valenzuela to host audio-visual gig "Salpukan sa Mow's"

BP Valenzuela has shared rather kitschy promotional material for next Saturday's Salpukan sa Mow's, an audio-visual gig she's hosting with performances and visuals from Bedspacer, Local Disk (c:Teenage Granny, northern man, 90fivers, CRWNrhxandersand Valenzuela herself.

According to Valenzuela, "salpukan [was] a sabong show we watched [in] Baler, it was like Tekken but for roosters." Contrary to its rather violent origins, Salpukan sa Mow's will see BP et al. transform Mow's Bar into a space fit for an audio-visual showcase. They'll be removing all the bar's chairs and putting up stage platforms to benefit the audience in the otherwise flat venue, as well as projecting visuals on all its four walls.

BP has also said she will be premiering new "stuff," but whether or not it's a preview of tracks from her forthcoming album Crydancer, something for her side projects, or something else entirely is what we'll all have to find out by attending.

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