BTS' Jungkook on performing for ARMY: "I'm always happy when I'm on stage."

BTS' Jungkook on performing for ARMY: "I'm always happy when I'm on stage."

In Jungkook's Proof of Inspiration video, the pop star shares his thoughts on performing for ARMY (fans of BTS).

BTS' Golden Maknae chose his solo track, 'Euphoria' to include in their 48-track anthology album, PROOF. In his BE-hind 'Full' Story, Jungkook shared his love for the 2018 track off Love Yourself: Answer: "I think my voice at that time was somehow between my baby-like voice of the past and my current stable voice. I think my voice was somewhat natural and my feelings and my efforts were included [in the song]."


He also picked out the RM-penned 'Dimple,' which he performs alongside Jimin, Jin, and V. "I like it best when I get to sing with the other members, and connect with ARMY no matter what the songs are," the 'Still With You' act shares.

He talks about how happy he is whenever he gets to perform on stage, and how "incredibly happy" he is whenever he hears the roar of the audience. "I'm always happy when I'm on stage, and I'm glad there are people who become happy seeing me on stage." BTS recently wrapped up their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert tour where over 4 million fans screamed and cheered for the global superstars – whether at the concerts or from their homes.

PROOF is slated for release on 10 June 2022, and features a career-spanning tracklist – from title tracks to unreleased songs, demo versions to three brand new songs including title track, 'Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)'.

Check out the teaser here: