BTS fans in Singapore swap ARMY origin stories and fanmade merch at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - SEOUL

BTS fans in Singapore swap ARMY origin stories and fanmade merch at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - SEOUL

It's been over 2 years since BTS performed in Asia, and they finally returned to the live stage in Seoul last weekend.

The reunion with ARMY (fans of BTS) was nothing short of spectacular, even if fans in attendance were only restricted to clapping and waving their ARMY Bombs. A meaningful and memorable concert series for ARMYs across the globe, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - SEOUL was a hopeful sign that RM, Jin, SUGA, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook will soon return to more live stages. 

BTS make history at homecoming concert 'PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - SEOUL' with 2.46 million viewers worldwide

The last time we saw BTS in Singapore was at their Love Yourself Tour at the National Stadium in 2019, a record-breaking sold-out show with 45,000 fans. This year, Singaporean ARMYs gathered at Golden Village cinemas to celebrate with BTS and ARMY as they reunite in Seoul. The global live viewing saw 1.4 million fans tune in across 3,711 cinemas globally with most shows - both live and replays - sold out.

BTS reunite with ARMY at 'PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE' Seoul concert: "This is my true home." — gig report

Rachel Yap takes us through her PTD LIVE VIEWING EXPERIENCE – from exchanging fanmade merch to swapping ARMY origin stories.


7:45 PM Arrived at Vivo City and saw fans everywhere – having meals in restaurants, walking around the shopping mall, some of them just finished watching the live broadcast which started at 4:45 PM.

8:13 PM It’s not difficult to spot ARMYs clad in their best merch and donning purple masks, accessories, and clothes! 

8:20 PM Doors open.  – Fans were calm and collected, nobody rushed and everyone just took their time, waited for their turn to enter and some hung around outside, catching up with one another and exchanging fanmade merch. 

8:33 PM While waiting for our turn to enter the venue, a fan came by and handed us some fanmade merch which was a mystery photocard – that turned out to be of J-hope!

8:44 PM After entering the venue, we were ushered to go up to the second floor. Before we got to the escalators, there was an In the Soop booth where you can buy merch. They were also giving away free In The Soop posters! 

8:47PM As we reached Level 2, you could see the queue forming! It was a queue to get your vaccination status and your tickets checked. 

8:48PM While waiting for our turn to get checked — A fan approached each person in the queue handing them a ribbon and note card for the Bangtan borahae ribbon project.

8:52PM After getting our tickets checked, the staff gave us souvenirs for the show, and along with some coupons.

8:55PM When you enter the hall, you’re greeted with the screen showing the live view of what’s happening at the venue. You see the crowds cheering and waiting for the show to begin. While everyone in the hall is trying to settle in their seats and turn on their ARMY bombs and silent whispers of singing to 'Permission To Dance' as the music video was playing on screen. 

9:00 PM *showtime*

We weren't allowed to stand up inside the cinema, but we were able to sing and cheer for BTS and ARMY in Seoul! I heard someone sing "You can't stop me loving myself!" like a battle cry, and everyone's ARMY Bombs were all up in the air dancing to the beat.

A little before midnight. After the show, I had a chat with a few ARMYs who were still hanging around in the area. Get to know them here: 


How did you become a fan of BTS?

I was a fan since the ‘Fire’ era and I watched their video. Then the more got the know them, their songs, their dance, then I just fell in love with these 7 boys especially Jin. 

How did you get tickets to the screening? 

I couldn’t get actual tickets from the booking website, so I had to resort to buying from resellers. 

Fave moment from PTD ON STAGE DAY 2:

It was raining for today’s show but you could really tell the boys really enjoyed the rain and didn’t let it stop them from putting on a great performance. It was already touching because despite the rain being an obstacle, they took it as a fond memory since they don’t perform a lot of shows where it rained mid-way. My favourite performance was Black Swan, it was just really amazing! 


How did you become fans of BTS?

Guy: I was watching YouTubers react and they had a segment on BTS. I was very impressed by their dance and choreography and that’s what started everything. 

Girl: Friends were listening and they were getting big at that point and it kinda caught on and that’s how it started. 

How did you get tickets to the screening? 

Girl: Ticketing was very stressful, I was the one getting it for the both of us. I just waited for the second wave, the first wave was all sold out. But, half an hour later they released more seats. So I was just camping on the website at 8:45 AM. By 9 AM, everything is already sold out. We also got tickets for both livestreams on Days 1 and 3.

Fave moment from PTD ON STAGE DAY 2

Guy: When they played 'Go Go'

Girl: Encore part where they’re just enjoying themselves. Seeing them be themselves. 

Girl: I just hope they come to Singapore soon! So I can watch them live again. I watched them in 2019 during the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, but he didn’t, cause he wasn’t a big fan then. I heard they’re coming back soon, so hopefully, they’ll do a tour after that.

 @n.shak.n, @weatheredsoul

How did you become a fan of BTS?

@Weatheredoul: Back in the day, my friend sent me this link. And this was the friend whom I used to go to pop-punk gigs with and she just suddenly sent me a text saying go search this on youtube and tell me which one is cute. I’m a Yoongi-bias!

@n.shak.n: For me, I somehow ended up on their music video and then, I really liked their lyrics and that’s how i became a fan. I’m an RM bias but I still like them all. 

How did you get tickets to the screening? 

@Weatheredoul: It was quite hard cause it’s limited seats and limited cinemas.
@n.shak.n: I got tickets for the both of us and I camped at 9am. We got the second wave of tickets when they released more seats and more halls and these were the only tickets we got! 

Fave moment from PTD ON STAGE DAY 2

@n.shak.n and @Weatheredoul: When they did their medley and they were just having fun. We enjoy watching them have fun. 

@Weatheredoul: It was fun, it’s been a while since we went to a live concert as well. I’ve watched them live before and of course that’s more fun and usually during the live concerts, you can’t really see everything. This isn’t a loss, it’s a win-win, they pick the angles for you already! 

@n.shak.n: Stanning them is the best thing ever because I met a lot of people through stanning them and they become my friends. That’s actually how we met, we won’t know each other if we didn’t stan BTS. 

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