Cardi B releases aggressive new song 'Press' – listen

Cardi B releases aggressive new song 'Press' – listen

Cardi B has had it with the press. 

On her new eponymous song, the Bronx rapper takes aim at the media, which she perceives to be judgemental and antagonistic, with a palpable ferocity and sense of purpose that instantly impresses itself on the listener. 

Over a menacing beat, gothic in its foreboding essence, produced by KeY Wane and Slade Da Monsta, she fires off salvoes such as, "Cardi done had got the game in a knot", while maintaining in the chorus, that, "Cardi don't need more press".

This follows Cardi's first release since 'Please Me', her duet with Bruno Mars.

In related news, Cardi will play in Singapore as part of the concert series for Singapore Grand Prix, in September.

Listent to 'Press' below.

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