Coeli’s EP is ‘Here Today:' A track-by-track guide

Coeli’s EP is ‘Here Today:' A track-by-track guide

There is a right time for everything, they say. And for many who have been waiting, Coeli’s time has come at last.

The singer-songwriter has been around for a couple of years now, wooing us with her modern take of a kundiman since 2016. From that point on, she has sang and played for independence, holiday cheer, love and even beauty. Most recently, she championed how live music is not owned by the night with Bandwagon Brunch

More than anything, though, the singer-songwriter has celebrated life, advocating the importance of paying attention to one’s mental health. With the union of gentle guitar plucks and strums and powerful cello bow swings, Here Today is a “manifestation of [her] soul.” And to those who are contemplating their personal everyday journey, her message resonates.

Prior to her EP launch on April 7 at the same venue where she launched her first-ever single, we spoke with Coeli about what each track on her EP means to her.


'Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan'

This song defines a lot of firsts. It was my first song after I came home from the Elements Singing Songwriting Camp 2013. It’s my first song in Tagalog as well as it is my first song to put a cello arrangement.  It somehow defined the whole idea of who I am as an artist.

What drove me to write it was my fear of commitment; not only in romantic love but also towards the things I love to do. I also noticed how a lot of my friends shared the same fear. Whenever we get hurt, we have this tendency to shrivel up inside and give up on the love that’s right in front of us. 


'Puno' is a personal lullaby. It expresses my longing to rest whenever I got through anxiety. I often find myself thinking and feeling too many things at the same time. In all seasons, 'Puno' is always relevant in my heart. Even when good things happen, I easily get overwhelmed. 'Puno' is a reminder to step back, to breathe, to listen, and to be with myself until I’m ready to get back up and fight again.

'Here Today'

'Here Today' is a manifestation of the love I have for my family and friends, vice versa. It’s a support system anthem. There are days when we tend to be too harsh on ourselves, we get paralyzed by our own thoughts and cripple in fear. The song is the voice that counters that. It’s a reminder that you are loved, whatever you are feeling is valid. We rejoice in the smallest victories, because they matter the most. If ever you find yourself trapped again, know that at the end of the day you will always find home. 

(Watch out for a gem towards the end of the song, where Coeli’s loved ones join her in singing.)

'Under a Bluer Sky'

'Under a Bluer Sky' ties the knot.  This is an ode to my growth and all its seasons. A love song to life, its beauty and its mysteries, I’m no longer afraid to embrace myself.

Coeli is launching her new EP, Here Today on April 7 at Nova Gallery Manila. Get tickets here.