Daughtry chart a future beyond early 2000s rock nostalgia – gig report

Daughtry chart a future beyond early 2000s rock nostalgia – gig report

Last Wednesday, Daughtry transformed Zepp@Big Box into a rock haven filled with gritty revellers all determined to relive the glorious early 2000s. 

The American rock band started off with a 2006 classic ‘Feels Like Tonight’, before launching forward 5 years to ‘Crawling Back To You’, all prepared to lead the evening into a moody evening of intense rock ballads. The immediate launch into their first couple songs was indication that the band was definitely set on hitting the notes of nostalgia at the night’s gig, all while teasing their brand-new sound with their upcoming new album Cage To Rattle.

The setlist saw a few classic, salt of the earth Daughtry numbers like ‘No Surprise’ and ‘Waiting for Superman’, peppered with some covers and new songs. Frontman Chris Daughtry boasted a low vocal register that peaked into a throaty resonance. Coupled with the airtight musicianship the band provided, the pairing proved a perfect hit as the audience fistpumped alongside their favorite icon, his face obscured by a hood. 

Earlier in the gig, Daughtry wisecracked about having been on a "small" show called American Idol that, he said, probably no one remembered. That self-deprecatory prick at the show that shot him to fame served as a reminder of his uncertain beginnings, making his powerhouse vocals and the decade-long journey the band’s been on even more awe inspiring.

The rest of the band also proved skilled companions to Daughtry’s vocals, their musicianship shining especially during the anthemic interlude, filling the venue with swaggering guitar riffs and backbone beats. On the whole, it was a gig that had no bells and whistles, save for the immaculate lighting cues which well-complemented the heart-thumping musical experience.

While the band’s new numbers retained very much the classic soulful Daughtry sound, they also simultaneously showed desire to revive their style. 'Deep End' was a like a fresh gulp of water, with more soul and yearning than most Daughtry songs have, while ‘Back Bone’ was a theatrical masterpiece, with a winning catchphrase – "ya gotta show a little back bone" – that inspired at least multiple fist pumps from every member of the audience. 

The encore was a three-song show with ‘Waiting for Superman’, ‘September’ and Prince’s 'Purple Rain', a tasteful tribute to the late music icon. Daughtry's concert truly was an homage to all our early 2000s selves, while the new tracks gave reason for us to revive our heavier eyeliner and MP3-wielding days. If the new songs played that night are of any indication, the new album is set to be one heck of a colossal joy ride.

Special thanks to IMC Live for the invite