Elton John enthralls crowd during first night at The Star Theatre

Elton John enthralls crowd during first night at The Star Theatre

With there not being any serious celebration for Elton John’s seventh album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hitting its 40th year anniversary in 2013, the party resumes two years after at The Star Theatre for a two-night blowout for the iconic double album of 1973 — in front of 5,000 Singaporean fans.

Judging from the snaking lines of foggy-windowed cars headed for the Theatre’s carpark, there seems to be a large representation of fan following from the piano man’s earlier days. 

Being ten minutes late, following some silly shortsighted planning with parking (pro-tip: park at the URA carpark next to the Metropolis for tonight’s second show), I scaled hurriedly upwards the escalator towards the carpeted lobby of the Star Theatre — towards the left of the steady-moving stairway, a cluster of ash-haired fans remained in their yellow-demarcated step, busy in conversation about their grandchildren.

There was more gimmicky fanfare at the lobby — a glittery wax model of Elton from Singapore’s Madame Tussauds greeted fans with a giant smile while the expansive merchandise stand hawked t-shirts to bobble heads in their booth. It was pleasant to see fans partaking in the fun as they piled selfies and packed tour shirts hurriedly before the show.

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Clambering into my seat during Elton’s third song, I watched him performed a touching rendition of ‘Candle in the Wind’ as I reminisced watching the tragic passing of Princess Diana with Elton’s revised version at Westminster Abbey when I was five. Edging into the set, I leaned forward hoping to inch as close as I can to the renowned songwriter.

A couple of songs from his earlier albums flew past me as I trailed into the wake of ‘Rocket Man’. I heard the loud sounds of the un-silent smartphone cameras clicking away while white bright flashes light up the third circle of the Star Theatre. I snicker to myself in silence and repeat in my head, "this definitely wouldn’t be close to acceptable at another show."

Following every three tracks, Elton would rise from his stool, reaching for his tumbler of water to nurse his cold before patronising the other end of the stage, trading thumbs-up with the crowd in adoring fashion. There was no restrain in his movements as he took minutes for gratitude and acknowledgement for his supportive fans over his enduring 50-year career, whether new or old.

Right before the encore, Elton was handed a marker from his assistant, which he used to sign diligently, autograph after autograph, for the fans in the front row.

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As Elton John proclaimed the chorus of ‘I’m Still Standing’, my eyes grew affixed on a mother-daughter pair dancing in my row of seats. I tried envisioning my future kids taking me to a concert of similar scale — perhaps to a forty-year anniversary show of Adele’s 21 or even Madonna’s fifty-year anniversary of Like a Virgin, as improbable as that sounds. But I can suggest that they wouldn’t come close to aging as gracefully as this man in musical value.

For the fans who are able to rekindle their love of Elton John from some twenty, thirty or forty years ago, they're essentially lucky and even fortunate. To some, Sir Elton John represents the maker of many #1 hits, to these fans, the shining beacon from their youth.

I apologize for my imperceptive giggle earlier.

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Elton John is scheduled for one more performance tonight at The Star Theatre. Limited tickets available.