FAKY find happiness in their latest single 'HappyEverAfter' – watch

FAKY find happiness in their latest single 'HappyEverAfter' – watch

Fresh off the release of their single 'The Light', FAKY just dropped a new track!

Entitled 'HappyEverAfter', the J-pop group explore life after heartache and the journey of moving forward. In a statement by member Taki, she shares, "'HappyEverAfter' is about finding happiness after a heartbreak. When I shared my feelings with Lil' Fang about what happened to me, I wanted to make sure that she knew that even if I got hurt and even if I went through a hard time, the only thing I want for that person is happiness. I didn’t get my 'happy ever after' but I know the others did and that fills my heart."

Alongside the new single, FAKY dropped a music video that was inspired by the Japanese reality show Don’t Be Fooled by the Wolf. Much like the song's meaning, the music video sees the members reminisce over a past relationship and wanting to be happy. 

'HappyEverAfter' comes as the group's second single of the year. In a previous interview with Bandwagon, FAKY revealed that they have a lot of releases planned for 2021. 


"We are experimenting with new genres and sounds and can’t wait to share all those ideas with everyone. We are also writing more and more of our own lyrics so we can’t wait to share those stories as well," says FAKY.

Watch the music video for FAKY's 'HappyEverAfter' here.