Fender releases 3 Game Of Thrones-themed guitars with the Sigil Collection

Fender releases 3 Game Of Thrones-themed guitars with the Sigil Collection

Just in time for the Season 8 premiere of Game Of Thrones, and right after the release of the Parallel Universe Meteora, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) released 3 stunning custom guitars inspired by the highly popular TV show. Fender's Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection is a limited edition series of built-to-order guitars that pays homage to the 3 most iconic houses in the show – The Houses of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen. 

The trio of intricate guitars is made up of the House Stark Telecaster, House Lannister Jaguar, and House Targaryen Stratocaster. Justin Norvell, the Executive Vice President of Fender Products, said that Fender worked closely with D. B. Weiss, one of the creators of Game Of Thrones and an avid guitar player, over the span of two years “to ensure that [their] vision, design and materials reflected the identity of each house”. 

Crafted by Fender’s Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn, this collection “draws detailed inspiration from each House’s family seal, costume design, armour, weaponry and geography.” For instance, the House Stark Telecaster prominently features a Direwolf on the nickel silver pickguard, the House Lannister Jaguar’s gold plated pickguard proudly displays the Lannister Lion, and the House Tagaryen Stratocaster features a unique “dragon-scaled” body.

These made-to-order guitars start from US$25,000 onwards at the Fender Custom Shop, and each guitar comes with a custom hardshell case and strap that matches the unique and elaborate designs of the instruments. 

Check out the Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection below:

Game Of Thrones House Stark Telecaster


Game Of Thrones House Lannister Jaguar 

Game Of Thrones House Targaryen Stratocaster