Find out how unique you are with Spotify's new feature 'Only You'

Find out how unique you are with Spotify's new feature 'Only You'

Spotify just launched its newest in-app feature – Only You. 

Apps you can use with your Spotify account – Receiptify, Obscurify, Kaleidoync, and more

Similar to the annual year-end WrappedOnly You showcases some of your music choices and habits in a brightly coloured graphic ready to share on social media. The interactive feature highlights your unique artist pairings, genre combinations, listening habit, and more that "only you would do". 

As part of the feature, you can also select three artists for 'Your Dream Dinner Party' and Spotify creates a personalised mix for each of your "guest" to really set the mood for your hypothetical meal. 

And for all you astrology lovers out there, it also shows 'Your Audio Birth Chart', where your Sun sign is your most listened to artist in the last six months, your Moon sign features an artist that "best shows your emotional or vulnerable side", and lastly, your Rising sign shows an artist that you recently connected with. 

Other stats included in Only You are 'Your Song Year', the different time periods you travelled to with music; 'Your Time of Day', the song and/or podcast you listen to at a certain time of the day; and lastly 'Your Genres/Topics', the combination of musical genres and podcast topics that you most listen to.

Only You follows the beta launch of Spotify's Blend, a personalised feature that combines merges two users' musical tastes in one curated playlist. Blend will be updated daily and evolve over time as users' listening habits change. 

Check out your Spotify Only You here.



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