14 apps you can use with your Spotify account: Receiptify, Obscurify, Kaleidosync, and more

14 apps you can use with your Spotify account: Receiptify, Obscurify, Kaleidosync, and more

The end of the year is fast approaching, and soon the onslaught of everyone's Spotify Wrapped will be all over our social media feeds. 

Celebrating the music and podcasts we've listened to through the year, the streaming service comes out with an app where users can see their top songs, artists, albums, and more. For some, it's a way to brag about their top-tier music taste, while for others, it's an embarrassing recount of the sad songs that got us in our feels. 

But to stand out from the crowd amongst the sea of brightly coloured Spotify graphics, there's a myriad of extension web apps, like Receiptify, that also give you a rundown of your favourite tracks and musicians at any time of the year. 

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Taking a deep dive, I scoured the Internet for what else could be out there, and to say the least, my Spotify account was put to a lot of use. From checking how obscure your music taste is, to creating a playlist that gradually takes you from one music style to another, here are some cool apps and services you can use with your Spotify account.



Have you ever wondered how your music compares to the taste of others? Well, Obscurify tells you just that. Giving you a bird's eye view of your music and listening habits, Obscurify ranks your top tracks, artists, and more and see how they fare against users in your area, in hopes of giving users a better understanding of their music taste. 

Think of it as a diagnosis of how underground your music taste really is.

After a quick examination of your listening habits on Spotify, the results - an obscurity rating and a comprehensive overview of your preferred genres, most listened to artists, most played tracks and frequent moods - are in!

Considering how my Spotify playlists are littered with Filipino artists and the occasional K-Pop bops, a high rating of 91% was quite the surprise. Using the graph they provided, a bulk of the 20,458 users in the Philippines fall somewhere in the middle of popular and obscure, while I obviously trail towards the latter end of the spectrum.

Beyond the rating (that I will now use to brag to friends and unbeknownst strangers), Obscurify also provides you with a list of your top genres and top songs, of all time or the current month. It even breaks it down to your listening habits' mood, danceability, and energy. And just like any good diagnosis, the app gives you a prescription of songs and artists you should probably consider. 

Check out Obscurify here.


Create your dream festival lineup with Instafest!

Made by university student Anshay Saboo, the app creates a three-day festival poster of your most-listened-to artists on Spotify. You can customise the time arrange of your artist data, your festival name, and even the design of your poster. 

Try out Instafest here


COVID's in the air, so love would just have to settle for your Spotify playlists right now.

To promote their newest Duo Plan, the listening service came out with Duo Love Songs, where users can create their a personalised love playlist for them and their favourite human (or dog, I won't judge).

Through a short, and admittedly fun, questionnaire, Spotify provides a 50-track long playlist for you and your loved one to enjoy. Check out the questions you can expect down below.

To complete the experience, you can even pick and design your own cover art that boasts some really good puns. My personal favourite is definitely (or should I say dolphinately) the dolphins.

Create your love playlist with Duo Love Songs here.


For a period of time, shopping receipts were plastered on everyone's Instagram stories and Twitter feeds. To the unknowing eye, it could have just been people really proud of their grocery lists that week but it was actually everyone's Receiptify.

Inspired by design student Melody You's album receipts, Receiptify is a web application that turns your most listened to tracks from the last month, six months, or year into receipts. Created by Michelle Liu, the app has received quite the attention of the Internet in the last couple of months. 

Try Receiptify here.



Ever wonder what a festival with all of your favourite would look like? Well, Festify shows you just that - well, the poster at least. 

Similar to Receiptify, Festify takes your most listened Spotify artists and generates a festival lineup poster. Created by best friends Rick Rieta and Tony Bui, Festify started as a quaint project to play with Spotify API data and through the years, it's become a whimsical app for the entire Internet to enjoy.

The poster design isn't as extravagant as those in the likes of Coachella, Tomorrowland, or We The Fest, but it's a good start for the music festival of your dreams. Check out what my ideal music festival would look like below.

Get your Festify poster here.


As someone who prides herself on witty playlist names, believe that I know my Spotify-saved tracks pretty well. With that in mind, I put my knowledge of my favourite tracks to the test with Whisperify, an app that generates quizzes and challenges based off of your Spotify playlists and top tracks. Choosing 10 random songs, you have to guess each song from five-second snippets or 'whispers'. Your score is determined by your speed and accuracy. 

Did I do well? Well, with a score of 1030 (I don't know what the maximum score is), you tell me.

Beyond an exciting music quiz, Whisperify also gives a comprehensive analysis of your top tracks compared to users from all over the globe, using the 16 Meyer-Briggs personalities. You can find out how 'acoustic', 'danceable', 'speechy', 'lively' and more your tracks are compared to users from all over the world or a specific country. 

Test your knowledge with Whisperify here.


Ever wanted to get from Miley Cyrus to Miles David in a seamless blend of songs? Check out Boil The Frog. It's an app that lets you enter two artists, regardless of how sonically different they are, and create a gradual playlist that takes you from one music style to another. 

Named after the fact that "if you heat up the pot slowly enough, the frog will never notice that he's being made into a stew and jump out of the pot" (that's a good fact to note), Boil The Frog aims to take listeners on a gradual journey, most of the time without them noticing. 

The app works using Spotify's "artist similarity" information, which it uses to create a linear path from one artist to another via other artists of similar popularity. Once that path is created, it picks out the best tracks from everyone and generates a playlist that you can save to your Spotify account. There's also a 'bypass' option in the case you want to skip an artist or track. 

Check out Boil The Frog here


Kaleidosync is a Spotify visualiser that's, frankly, just really cool to look at.

Created by Zach Winter, Kaleidosync allows users to connect to their Spotify accounts and play songs through the app, which then generates animated images to accompany your bops and jams. You can also customise everything from colour, speed, and design. 

Try Kaleidosync here.


When I tell you that my inner kid rejoiced when I found this!

Created by Matt OgnibenePokéPlaylist is a web app that turns your top artists into Pokémon cards. Generating cards from the last month, 6 months or a year, you get to see your favourite artist's top album, Spotify popularity rank, and follower count in the same you see your Pokémon's attacks and energy cost. It also shows you what genre your "card" falls into. 

 Try PokéPlaylist here

Judge My Spotify

Created by digital publication The Pudding, Judge My Spotify is a snarky AI that will unapologetically expose your music taste. Not hesitating to tell you exactly how bad your Spotify listens are, the app breaks down every track, album, and playlist you've listened to overtime and mercilessly roasts everything.

After asking you a series of questions, coupled with snarky comments, the AI cast their judgement in a multi-hyphenated phrase along with some self-determined statistics on how "basic" you are.

Confident with the quality of my music preferences, I decided to give Judge My Spotify a try; but only a few seconds in, that confidence qucikly dwindled.

The (rude) AI deemed my Spotify history "k-pop-aficionado-still-watching-vh1-divas-live-clips-cool-carpool-mom bad", and as much I would like to disagree, it was true considering the amount of K-pop tracks and early-2000s-Mariah Carey I listened to this year.

Try out The Pudding's Judge My Spotify here.  


Ever wonder if your music taste could paint a pretty picture? Well, wonder no more with Colorify.

Created by Barry Shiberu, the Spotify app analyses your most listened to tracks and playlists, and generates a colour palette based on the most common colours of each track's album artwork. Colorify will recommend new songs to check out based on the colours of your top tracks.

For your art and just general colour-loving needs, there is an also option to save your music colours. 

Try out Colorify here

Favorite Music Guru

Who doesn't love a good list?

While comparatively less flashy than the other apps on this list, Favourite Music Guru is a simple yet fun app that gives you a comprehensive list of your top tracks and artists over a period of time. Revealing your "short term", "medium term", and "long term" artists and songs, think of this guru as a status report of your Spotify habits. 

Try out Favourite Music Guru here

Your Pie!

If you ever wanted a pie chart of your music habits, Your Pie!'s got you covered. 

Created by Darren Huangthe app generates a pie chart based on your most listened to genres and indicates exactly which artists contributed to the slice. All you need to do is connect your Spotify account and your pie is baked within seconds. 

Try out 'Your Pie!' here


Have you ever wondered how underground, or in this case underwater, your music taste actually is? 

From shopping receipts to pie charts, there's a new Spotify extension that's making its way around the Internet; say hello to Icebergify. Created by computer science student Akshay Raj, Icebergify generates an "iceberg" ranking of your most listened to artists, with your more mainstream faves up top and more obscure acts the further down you go. 

Try out Icebergify here