Find out how bad your music taste is with 'Judge My Spotify'

Find out how bad your music taste is with 'Judge My Spotify'

If your 2020 Spotify Wrapped wasn't embarrassing enough for you, try Judge My Spotify.

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Created by digital publication The Pudding, Judge My Spotify is a snarky AI that will unapologetically expose your music taste. Not hesitating to tell you exactly how bad your Spotify listens are, the app breaks down every track, album, and playlist you've listened to over time and mercilessly roasts everything.

Apps you can use with your Spotify account: Receiptify, Obscurify, Kaleidosync, and more

After asking you a series of questions, coupled with snarky comments, the AI cast their judgement in a multi-hypenated phrase along with some self-determined statistics on how "basic" you are.

Confident with the quality of my music preferences, I decided to give Judge My Spotify a try; but only a few seconds in, that confidence qucikly dwindled.


The (rude) AI deemed my Spotify history "k-pop-aficionado-still-watching-vh1-divas-live-clips-cool-carpool-mom bad", and as much I would like to disagree, it was true considering the amount of K-pop tracks and early-2000s-Mariah Carey I listened to this year.

Others on social media also shared their results, check some of them out below.

Try out The Pudding's Judge My Spotify here.