You can now support FlipTop Battle League on Patreon

You can now support FlipTop Battle League on Patreon

FlipTop Battle League is now on Patreon.

Fans of the Philippines' first premier rap battle league, which features hiphop talents from all across the country, can now support FlipTop and its plans and projects to keep the operation running. The new Patreon page comes in light of the struggles the music community faces due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Members of FlipTop's Patreon page may select from four different pledge options of $5 to $50 (PHP 246 to PHP 2,460), where they could get access to FlipTop's chat community, exclusive updates, discounts, written shout-outs, and access to live events.

The FlipTop Festival marked a decade of a new generation of uncompromised Filipino hip-hop – festival report

Prior to the lockdowns that were established to help flatten the curve, FlipTop held its first major festival in February. 

Watch the FlipTop Festival after movie below.