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Folk legend Leo Kristi passes away at 67

Folk legend Leo Kristi passes away at 67

Legendary folk singer-songwriter Leo Kristi, whose real name is Leo Imam Sukarno has passed away. He was 67 years old. His cause of death has been reported by Rolling Stone Indonesia as complications from amoebic dysentery. 

Leo passed away on Sunday (21/5) at 00:59 WIB in Bandung. Triawan Munaf, as head of the Creative Economy Agency, said on Twitter:

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Leo Kristi was known as a musician that knew no bounds in his love for the road and for the people inhabiting it. He started his career with fellow musicians Gombloh and Franky Sahilatua in a prog band called Lemon Trees. He then embarked on a successful solo career, releasing albums: From Nyanyian Fajar (1975), Nyanyian Malam (1976), Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka (1977) up to Warm Fresh and Healthy (2010). 

Listen to 'Nyanyian Malam' below: