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Fools and Foes tease new music video "Nocturnal"

Fools and Foes tease new music video "Nocturnal"

Fools and Foes are releasing their new music video for "Nocturnal" soon. Ahead of the music video release, the band posted a teaser for the new video, featuring behind the scenes footage c/o Carlos Castaño

Aside from a purple umbrella and Run Dorothy's Dee Cruz' blue hair, you'll also see Bandwagon Philippines' contributing editor Ginny Palma with the band during the shoot - watch out for the official release of the video to find out why. 

Nocturnal is one of our most experimental songs. I think it will really shock our listeners, although our other songs have traces of the old EP in it. But (it's) definitely a different direction for the new album.

- Isabelle Romualdez, vocalist/bassist

WATCH: Fools and Foes perform 'Nocturnal' live at the Red Room


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