Halsey releases new emotionally charged single 'Without Me'

Halsey releases new emotionally charged single 'Without Me'

American popstar Halsey has released a new song. 

'Without Me' is the singer's first new material since she released her sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom in 2017. The track, which is described as Halsey's most personal song to date, touches on the immense sense of regret one feels after ending a long relationship. 

She commented on the song, stating in an official release: "Questioning your purpose and your effort in a relationship can be confusing and draining. But it’s important to self-reflect and know your worth and value. This record is about understanding your worth. It’s a very honest record. And it helped me prove to myself that I can still manifest my feelings into art after all this time. My music will always be the vehicle that carries my heart."

Apart from releasing her new track, the singer is also making waves for her appearance in A Star Is Born alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. She also voiced a character for the upcoming Teen Titans GO! movie. 

Check out 'Without Me' below.