Here are the nominees of the 14th Freshmusic Awards — Benjamin Kheng, Hebe Tien, WeiBird, Shye, .gif, Ryota Katayama, and more

Here are the nominees of the 14th Freshmusic Awards — Benjamin Kheng, Hebe Tien, WeiBird, Shye, .gif, Ryota Katayama, and more

The Freshmusic Awards will return for its 14th edition this June!

Scheduled to be held at 10 PM SGT/PHT on 11 June, the event — organised by Singapore-based online music magazine Freshmusic — will honour the best works by both indie and mainstream Chinese musicians that were released in 2020. Billed as an award ceremony that "celebrates the idea that music has no boundaries", the 14th Freshmusic Awards will feature musical creations from different languages and genres. 

This year, a total of 110 musicians have been nominated across 10 award categories. Leading the nominations are acts such as 18-year-old Singaporean singer-songwriter Shye (Best New Artist, Best Female Vocalist, Top 10 Albums of the Year), Taiwanese superstars Hebe Tien (Best Female Vocalist, Top 10 Singles of the Year, Top 10 Albums of the Year) and WeiBird (Best Male Vocalist, Top 10 Singles of the Year, Top 10 Albums of the Year), Malaysian-Japanese singer-songwriter Ryota Katayama (Best New Artist, Best Male Vocalist, Top 10 Albums of the Year), and Singaporean instrumental band Hauste (Best Band, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Top 10 Albums of the Year).


Taiwanese EDM duo G5SH and Singaporean instrumental band Hauste (Credit: G5SH Facebook and Hauste Facebook)

Also among the nominees are Singapore's Benjamin Kheng (Best Male Vocalist,  EP of the Year), BGourd (Best New Artist, EP of the Year), and .gif (Best New Group), Crowd Lu (Top 10 Singles of the Year), Elva Hsiao (Top 10 Singles of the Year), and G5SH (Best Group, Breakthrough Artist of the Year).

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao and Singaporean rapper BGourd (Credit: Elva Hsiao Facebook and BGourd Facebook)

Winners will be decided by public votes as well as by an esteemed judging panel comprising Golden Melody Award winners and judges, producers, and indie record label founders from Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. 

This year's edition of the Freshmusic Awards also promises to be a "visually stunning" one. Those who tune in will be treated to a special segment by Singaporean art collective Very Small Exhibition

Tune in to the ceremony via Freshmusic's Facebook page and YouTube channel, SG Community Radio’s Facebook page and Twitch channel, TAMA台灣東協造音行動's Facebook page, and 天空音樂節's Facebook page.

Here is the full list of nominees of the 14th Freshmusic Awards.

Best New Artist

BGourd - Veggie Wraps, Vol.1, Veggie Wraps, Vol.2

?te - A Bedroom of One’s Own

rohan mills - ’94 OULIPO

LINIO - Leisurely

Yo Lee - If Only You Could Love Me

Shye - days to morning glory

Ryota Katayama- RYOTA

Jingfei Chen - Jingfei Chen

Best New Group/Band

N.Y.P.D. Nan Yang Pai Dui - N.Y.P.D

It's Your Fault - User Guide: I

aoi - ū lí ê kòo-sū

YUFU & The Velvet Impressionism - Is it Vain to be Awake


ChuNoodle - Till

Xueiyuan - Nuā

Huan Huan - Water Can Go Anywhere

hue - hue

Island Futurism - AIslanders

Best Group

.gif - Hail Nothing

G.O.F - Girls on Fire

G5SH - Project Krane

Mong Tong- Mystery, Corps of Light

Banyan Gang - Vernalization

Night Keepers - Messenger

Nighteentael - The Stories

The Fur. - Serene Reminder


Best Band

N.Y.P.D. Nan Yang Pai Dui - N.Y.P.D.

88 BALAZ - my heart is burning for your sexy butt!

Outlet Drift - Lady of the Ocean

hauste - Patterns

OVDS - Black & Toughness


The Chairs - Real Love Is...

The Spice Cabinet - The Adventures of Pie Boy

Island Futurism - AIslanders

Omnipotent Youth Society - Inside the Cable Temple

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

G5SH - Project Krane

Xing Zheng - Museum of Tears

Sibongi - Gentleman with No Shoes


hauste - Patterns

Olivia Tsao - Originally

Crescent Lament - Land of Lost Voices

Aaron Yan - Metropolis

EP of the Year

Dear SappyWang - Hui-chu

Language Barrier - Late Troubles

Veggie Wraps, Vol. 2 - BGourd, Fauxe

Vitamin D - Mimik Banka

A Sea That Never Stops - Benjamin Kheng

BPD Citizens Tetralogy - Reversing into Garage

Pink Sky - Shen An

Khuann Jit Tsa Am - Khuann Jit Tsa Am

Metropolis - Aaron Yan

Whispering Days and Nights - KillerBlood

Best Male Vocalist

Jon Lau(N.Y.P.D. Nan Yang Pai Dui) - N.Y.P.D.

WeiBird - Sounds of My Life

Benjamin Kheng - A Sea That Never Stops

TroutFresh - Xiaoming and the City

Sangpuy - pulu’em


Qing Feng Wu - Chapter One: 1 & 1

Ryota Katayama - RYOTA

Best Female Vocalist

Tarcy Su - Every Side of Me

Hebe Tien- Time Will Tell

Wanfang - Dear All 

Janice Yan - Let Everything Happen

Olivia Tsao - Originally

Shye - days to morning glory

Shi Shi - Where is SHI?

Misi Ke - Drawing Dialogue

Top 10 Singles of the Year

'Right, Now!' - Janice Yan, OSN

'Don’t Tell' - WeiBird

'Celebrate Everyday' - Elva Hsiao

'Still Alive' -Salsa Chen

'Truth' - Season Chu, Aki, Chris M. Yong

'To Grandma' - aoi

'Crystal Sharp' - NIO

'Your Name Engraved Herein' - Crowd Lu

'Sojourner’s Blues' - Chung Yufeng, David Chen, Chin Kuo-hsiang

'Hysteria' - Hebe Tien

'A Vacant Seat' - Wanfang

'Bān-tshian Hue-luí Tsû-bió Pi-ai' - Collage

'Drag Queen Solo Show' - Bobby Chen

'maava' - Sangpuy

'A.K.A. Juan' - Tan Weiwei

'Another You' - Misi Ke, Wu Tsing-Fong

'The Ultimate Virus' - Bisiu Group

'Inside the Cable Temple' - Omnipotent Youth Society

'Electric Sheep' - Plusone Wang

'Sick Love Song' - hue


Top 10 Albums of the Year

Every Side of Me - Tarcy Su

Sounds of My Life - Weibird

How Can I Say that I Love Yo - She Tou

Put on your Headphones and See - J-fever

ū lí ê kòo-sū - aoi

Be Still, The Mountain - Leslie Low

Time Will Tell - Hebe Tien

Lady of the Sea - Outlet Drift

Shi Ri Tan - James Li

Patterns - hauste

Dear All - Wanfang

pulu’em - Sangpuy

Water Snowflake Goes to Market - Sheng-xiang & Band

Love, and Yet... - Panai

'days to morning glory' - Shye

'RYOTA' - Ryota Katayama

'The Adventures of Pie Boy' - The Spice Cabinet

'Spirited Away' - YoungQueenz

'Where is SHI?' - Shi Shi

'Drawing Dialogue' - Misi Ke