I built the LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set with my ARMY mum and her friends, here's how it went — product review

I built the LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set with my ARMY mum and her friends, here's how it went — product review

It is entirely possible to build the new LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set on your own, but as I recently found out, it is one of those activities in life that are better experienced with friends, family, or both.

While I do not consider myself to be a BTS fan, I would say that I am fairly educated about the GRAMMY-nominated South Korean group thanks to the fervent ARMY that I live with — my mum. As someone who had been following their activities religiously since falling in love with their hit song 'Life Goes On' in 2020, she was ecstatic when she found out that I would be reviewing a LEGO set based on her favourite act. 

I had originally intended to turn building miniature versions of sets from the septet's 'Dynamite' music video into a mother-son bonding activity, but my mum had something even better in mind. 


"I wonder if I should invite my two ARMY friends," she asked. 

And just like that, we became a construction party of four. 

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Based on the image on its packaging, the Dynamite set did not look like one that would need four pairs of hands to complete, but we later learnt that we should not have let its appearance fool us.

While waiting for Maeve (not her real name), who was running late, Jessie (also not her real name), my mum, and I decided to get started by unboxing the set and putting its first pieces in place. 

Housed inside the box were 749 LEGO pieces packed in numbered plastic bags — each corresponding to a section of the Dynamite set. There was also a very detailed construction guide, which the three of us — all LEGO newbies — were relieved to see. 

After setting the mood by playing BTS' 2022 compilation album Proof playing through a CD player, we got to work. 

First up was the record store featured in the music video. We got off to a rather rocky start as we took some time to figure out how to assemble the set's base, but once we started erecting the exterior of the record store, we began to get into the groove. 

Credit: Bandwagon

As Jessie and my mum became more immersed in constructing the set, my fascination with their determination and their passion for BTS grew, and it was not long before I became more of an interested observer than an active builder.

The interior of the record store was particularly satisfying for Jessie and my mum to assemble thanks to the inclusion of miniature vinyl, vinyl racks, and a tiny vinyl player. There were also stickers with covers of BTS' albums — including Map of the Soul: 7, Wings, and BE — that could be pasted on the blank vinyl LEGO pieces. LEGO had clearly put great care into creating the Dynamite set, and it did not go unnoticed by the members of my building party.

"Wow, they’re very detailed. You can [even] flip this up," exclaimed my mum as she examined the vinyl on the vinyl racks.

Following the completion of the record store, we took a well-deserved break. 

Credit: Bandwagon

Maeve arrived shortly after and once all of us felt recharged, we got right back to work with the BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE - LA concert film playing in the background.

Having missed the initial phase of constructing the Dynamite set, Maeve was given the honour of building its mini ice cream truck. A valuable new addition to the team, she completed her task quite quickly despite being constantly distracted by the performances on the TV screen behind her.

"So far, it’s quite enjoyable," she said. 

Credit: Bandwagon

It was also during this time that we constructed the performance stage and started placing minifigures of RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook on it.

Speaking of the minifigures, I was very impressed by how closely they resembled the 'Yet To Come' hitmakers. From RM's blue hair and shades to V's stylish suit and Jin's bright polka-dot shirt, the lovingly recreated details imbued the minifigures with the distinct personalities of the seven BTS members. 

Credit: Bandwagon

My building buddies, too, were impressed by the minifigures and found great joy in comparing them with the artists they were based on. They were also thrilled to find out that the minifigures could be rotated after being placed on the set's stage, as evident from their laughter and exclamations of surprise. 

Credit: Bandwagon

Like the record store that we had built at the start, the donut store comprised a number of adorable inclusions — such as a coffee mug and a coffee machine — that injected life into it. We also built a rotatable donut that could be placed on the roof of the store, and I thought that the purple icing on the donut, which was given a 3D effect by layering LEGO pieces, was a nice touch. 

Credit: Bandwagon

With the Dynamite set nearly complete, all that was left to do was put the finishing touches to it. Having been a spectator for some time, I decided to pull my weight by helping to construct the "DISCO" sign and palm trees. While working on the latter, I got myself into a little bit of trouble with my mum.

When she realised that I had combined the wrong LEGO pieces, my mum, who had become a LEGO expert over the last three hours, chided me and took the palm tree I was building away from me. It was clear that she had grown attached to the set and did not want me to destroy it when it was nearly done, so I backed away and let her work.  

Credit: Bandwagon

After nearly four hours of hard work, we finished constructing the Dynamite set. Once they had given themselves a round of applause, Maeve, Jessie, and my mum took some time to admire the set and reflect on their accomplishment.

"I have come to enjoy building LEGO [through this experience]," shared a delighted Maeve.

My mum recounted: "I didn't know what I was building, but when it finally took its form, there was so much joy [within me]."

"It was a pretty cosy and therapeutic session — bonding with my friends over LEGO building while listening to our favourite music," said Jessie. 

Credit: Bandwagon

The LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite set is now available for S$159.90 at LEGO Certified Stores (LCS). For more information, visit the official LEGO site.