INDIGOISM combines virtual reality & binaural beats to create DRONE's mind-altering digital experience

INDIGOISM combines virtual reality & binaural beats to create DRONE's mind-altering digital experience

Taking place at Archifest 2016 from 24 to 30 September, DRONE is a one-of-a-kind immersive digital experience designed to introduce brain entrainment to the public at large.

But wait, what is brain entrainment you ask? Well, "brain entrainment is a technique that stimulates the brain into specific states such as enhanced concentration, relaxation, meditation or sleep induction using a pulsing sound, light or electromagnetic field."

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This particular digital showcase piece aims to employ binaural beats via audio stimulation in order to evoke brain’s ‘frequency following’ response - thus "encouraging brain waves to align to the frequency of the pulse". Which is all a fancy way of saying that this experience will have the ability to alter mind states!

Combining productions by prominent beatsmith Jean Reiki (also of Singapura Dub Club) alongside a trippy virtual reality by designed by Warrior9's Race Krehel (music fans may know him as one-half of O$P$ and as the director for Yllis' '梦' video), this DRONE project occupies an individual's senses fully - meaning that this would be a great way to relax and escape this particular reality for a while.


Conceptualized by renowned visual artist Sam Lo (aka Sklo), this week-long installation certainly promises to be a highlight of this this year's Archifest. 

Taking inspiration from Archifest’s zero-waste theme, the audio-visual booth (conceived by Soph O and Sam Lo) also features daybeds crafted from cardboard and miscellaneous found packing materials from the artists’ studios - resulting in "a massive art jam featuring aural, digital and physical 3D artwork".

Watch a teaser for The Drone Travels below.

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