Folk duo Endah N Rhesa will go on a bike tour to Indonesian cities

Folk duo Endah N Rhesa will go on a bike tour to Indonesian cities

Endah N Rhesa is a musical project which comprises couple Endah Widiastuti (vocal, guitar) and Rhesa Aditya (bass). Folk, jazz, blues, rock and roll, and ballads are the kind of musical nuances that they play in a minimalist acoustic format.

They will go on a bike tour in several Indonesian cities from 24 July - 9 August. As they say in the press release:

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Bike rides are a sweet childhood memory for us. The desire emerged again in the middle of our profession as an independent musician. This time, we will be cycling quite far from our home to the usual route we go through. The first route is cycling from the city of Semarang - Solo - Jogjakarta. Then continued the second route in the city of Malang - Surabaya. We are musicians who want to gain new experiences that enrich our lives and music."

In collaboration with Passionville , Endah N Rhesa will stop by and organize intimate events and share their expertise on music management to the earFriends (Endah N Rhesa's fans) in the cities they are headed to. They will also have the support from Rodalink who facilitates the bikes and all its equipment.

Endah N Rhesa adds:

This journey will make us reflect along the ride on our bikes about what we went through and what we will encounter later. Yes, we are Endah N Rhesa. We ride with passion!"