Introducing: The hazy, gossamery dream pop of Thud

Introducing: The hazy, gossamery dream pop of Thud

Introducing is a new series at Bandwagon where we spotlight the new artists that are on the verge of breaking through. No fuss, no muss - we just present their back story and tell you what tracks to check out.

Listen to Thud's debut EP, Floret, and you'd already recognize the band's influences, but the familiarity becomes sidelined when you realize just how good they are at channeling it into something instantly likeable.

As they put it on their Facebook page, "We couldn't find a best word to describe our music. We try to combine a lot of components while we all have different interests."

Thud is a five-piece band from Hong Kong, and their fascination with shoegaze and dream pop music is unapologetic — their promo shots echo the fuzzy, dreamy aesthetic of the bands in the Scene That Celebrates Itself, while the five-track EP Floret combines distinctively rapturous melodies, glistening synths and reverb. A lot of reverb.

They also maintain an air of mystery, although it might not all be intentional. Soft-spoken but affable and endearing in person, the members of Thud mainly go by their first names — Kim (vocals and synths), Sky and Andy (guitar), Wang (bass) and Wai (drums).

While English isn't their first language, all their songs so far have been written as such. But like the best of dreamy pop music, most of the vocals are unintelligible under the reverb anyway, acting instead as a bearer of buoyant melodies.

The band also agrees on a lot of mutual favourites, with Tycho, whose influence is also present on Floret, Slowdive — "Their show was fantastic. we cried," said Kim — Cocteau Twins, Ride, Fennesz, Deafheaven and Sleep Party People being just a few.

While the band has marked Singapore and Shanghai as the first time they've ventured to play outside of Hong Kong so far, performing at the recent Rocking the Region series by Esplanade, they've already grabbed themselves a fair bit of acclaim internationally, and especially in their native country.

They've even managed to rope in Max Bloom, frontman of UK indie rock band Yuck, to remix their track 'Lime' on Floret.

"Our manager Jane asked if he could do a remix of one of our songs, and max said he liked it and he could do it," said Kim. "And then, boom."

The band is currently preparing to record their first full-length album, which they've currently planned to include "10 to 11 tracks", and they will also be recording it themselves. As the band continues to move forward in 2016, with more live shows planned, including a possible appearance at Canadian Music Week, Thud may just rise above as one of Hong Kong's most distinctive new indie bands.

Tracks To Check Out:


The track that impressed Max Bloom of Yuck enough to do a remix, 'Lime' also distinguishes between the band's predilections for propulsive rhythms and overwhelming waves of sound.

'She's A Loner'

Possibly their most beat-driven track yet, it's empowered by Sky and Andy's spacious guitars that give the three-minute song an edge.


Their synths are the most prominent here, and it results in a wonderfully slow-burning and soothing track.


Arguably the crowning jewel of Floret, the climax on this track is glorious and convincing enough of the band's cathartic prowess.