"2019 is a year that is very precious to all of us": An interview with ITZY

"2019 is a year that is very precious to all of us": An interview with ITZY

ITZY is the newest girl group in the K-pop scene. 

Under the K-pop powerhouse JYP's roster, ITZY shot to fame this year with its debut single 'DALLA DALLA', which eventually became the first K-pop debut music video to reach 100 million views in the shortest period of time. Already, ITZY has established itself as one of hottest girl groups with its edgy, girl crush concept.

Ahead of the group's first showcase ITZY? ITZY! in Singapore, ITZY chats with us about its music and journey thus far. 

ITZY has achieved a lot this year. You clinched your first win on M! Countdown nine days after your debut and became the fastest girl group to achieve their first music show win. How does that feel?


Lia: Firstly, every time we achieved these results, we really couldn’t believe it and it makes us very happy. As we have never imagined ourselves achieving these results, it doesn’t feel real to us. We are thankful for the help from those around us as well as our fans, who have allowed us to turn all these dreams into reality.

You’ll be coming to Singapore next month for your debut showcase. How does it feel to be touring less than a year after your debut?

Ryujin: We are rookies that have debuted for less than a year, and this showcase tour is a very good chance for us to meet our Singapore MIDZY and we really like this! We’ve prepared performances for songs besides our title tracks and we even prepared covers by our JYP seniors to make this a fruitful and great show. We hope that Singapore MIDZY will be able to have fun and enjoy the showcase.

'DALLA DALLA' was your first hit track and many people found out about ITZY through the song. What is the message behind it?

Lia: Our debut song 'DALLA DALLA' conveys the message that we shouldn’t try to match up to the standards set by others, but to respect and love ourselves as we are.

Congrats on your first EP IT’z ICY! What is the musical vision and message that ties it together?

Chaeryeong: IT’z ICY is our first album and it's a summer album with energetic beats. 'DALLA DALLA''s message is to respect and love myself, who is at the center of the world. ‘ICY’ wants to encourage one to take one more step, to not be affected by what others’ think or say and go your own way. It is a song about confidence and believing in “me”.

2019 is coming to an end. What was the most memorable thing for you this year?

Yuna: 2019 is a year that is very precious to all of us. Looking back at the year of 2019, the most memorable moment will be our debut stage. Even after debut, the generous attention and love we have received makes us really happy and pushes us to work even harder to be the ITZY that can influence everyone positively.

What are your upcoming music plans? 

Yeji: We hope to be able to impress our fans and the public with more good songs and great performances. We will work hard to be the ITZY that will continue to improve and advance. We hope that all of you will look forward to it!

ITZY? ITZY! is set to be held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre (Hall 601-604) on Friday, 13 December, 8pm.

Tickets are priced from $148 to $268 and can be found here.