Jackson Wang drops new English digital mixtape 'LOST & FOUND' – listen

Jackson Wang drops new English digital mixtape 'LOST & FOUND' – listen


Jackson Wang is back again with new music.

On Monday (07/03), the GOT7 and PANTHEPACK member unveiled his new 8-track English-language mixtape LOST & FOUND via Team Wang Records. Wang co-wrote the sixth track on the album, titled 'In My Bed'.

The fresh release follows his 2019 solo debut album MIRRORS. Earlier this month, Wang released 'EASIER', his latest collaborative effort with Taiwanese singer-songwriter Amber Liu, and his self-titled single '王嘉爾 Jackson Wang'.


Jackson Wang talks focusing on music and reliving his beginnings in his new self-titled song

In an interview with Bandwagon, the singer revealed that Team Wang Records has "a bunch of very talented artists, including me" with new music lined up for the year. He said, "I'll mainly focus on music this year and only music. We have other artists releasing their albums too so I hope everyone checks it out when it's up."

Stream LOST & FOUND below.


  1. Poison
  2. Dead
  3. I Don't Have It
  4. Power
  5. Blackout
  6. In My Bed
  7. The Moment
  8. Vibes

Check out Bandwagon's interview with Jackson Wang below.