PANTHEPACK on shaking the industry, showcasing Chinese culture through music, and their new single 'BUZZ'

PANTHEPACK on shaking the industry, showcasing Chinese culture through music, and their new single 'BUZZ'

In a technicolour wave of sounds and styles, a new artist collective is making its way to the international music scene, one that's unbelievably talented and unapologetically themselves. 

They are none other than PANTHEPACK. Helmed by Team Wang, the new musical group comprises multi-hyphenate Jackson Wangall-around creative J.SheonR&B singer-songwriter Karenciciand celebrated rapper ICE. 

Jackson Wang, Karencici, J.Sheon, and ICE join forces for new group, PANTHEPACK

Taking their name from the classic Asian iconography of a panda and their mission to pan the next wave of music, PANTHEPACK are challenging the boundaries of music, offering a refreshing twist to contemporary genres while showcasing Chinese culture. 

But despite this hefty mission, the collective ultimately just want to have fun.


"It's all about having fun and making great music that we like. Whatever we do, it has to excite us and hopefully excite the next generation of people too. And as much as we love learning about different cultures, this is us sharing our own and all the things we had growing up," PANTHEPACK tells Bandwagon

With very little details known to the public, PANTHEPACK initially launched earlier this year in a cloud of mystery and mystique. The group subtlety released their singles, 'DNA' and 'TRANSMIT' last April, but it definitely didn't go without noise.

Despite being fairly anonymous, PANTHEPACK garnered immense attention all over the region, with many fans anticipating the new musical project.

While we're witnessing the mere beginnings of PANTHEPACK, forming an all-Chinese musical collective had been an idea brewing behind the walls of Team Wang for years. 

"I've always wanted to make this crew to just have fun with music and hopefully, it's music that can influence and entertain a crowd. I wouldn't define us within any genre, we're just PANTHEPACK. The whole idea of the group is that we're just four pandas who want to make a change in music," says Jackson. 

The first member to join the group was, of course, Jackson Wang himself. The 'Drive You Home' act began his musical journey as part of a K-pop group in 2014 before launching his solo career and record label, Team Wang three years later. Today, Jackson stands as one of the world's top acts, highly regarded for his distinctive rap style and creative vision. 

"At the end of the day, everything that I do is something that I love and want to do. I won't hesitate on the things I believe in so Team Wang and even PANTHEPACK is something I want to see in this industry and I'm doing it," says Jackson. 

"I just want to do great things and have fun. When I'm old and look back, I want to be like 'damn, we did that'. I don't want to do or not anything I'll regret and in life, it's just about doing stuff that you love."

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Joining Jackson is Karencici, one of the region's most highly anticipated acts. With a deep-rooted love and passion for music, the singer-songwriter's sense of musicality often goes beyond her years. Boasting a wide range of sounds, from uptempo party anthems to introspective ballads, the bilingual act is one of Asia's most versatile artists. 

"[Having been an independent artist] has definitely helped me a lot now as I'm working with PANTHEPACK. As I'm growing and as I'm releasing music, I'm getting better each time because I'm learning more about myself every time. I'm still adjusting to this environment but all of it is such a great learning experience for me. I'm very excited for this project," says Karencici. 

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Genre-bending and multi-talented, J.Sheon comes as one of the most exciting members out of PANTHEPACK. Characterised by his smooth vocals and unique musicality, the singer-songwriter has carved his own place in Asia's vast music scene, one that sits between traditional C-pop and Western urban music. 

"There aren't a lot of differences when I make music for PANTHEPACK or for my own stuff. We all get to be in this project, in this family because we are who are. We specialise in our own type of music," J.Sheon on creating music for the new group. 

"The most important thing is whether we can put out more twists and more flavours to our music because music is always evolving. So whatever it is I'm working on, whether it's my solo album or this new group, I always try to put more spice into but deep down, I'm just who I am."

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Completing PANTHEPACK's lineup is ICE, a highly celebrated rapper and one of the region's most recognisable voices. With a commanding presence and a musical style so captivating, ICE has made a name for himself with his powerful rap style and technical flows. 

When asked about a valuable lesson he's learned throughout his career, ICE shared, "It's important to know who you are and what you really want."

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All with their own musical calibre and an impressive arsenal of tracks, each member brings their own distinct flavour to the group. Comparing themselves to a delicious steak dinner, the members shared how despite their varying genres and musical styles, PANTHEPACK brings a cohesive sound that's still so telling of each member's individuality. 

"The thing about PANTHEPACK is that we all have our individual flavour. Let's say we're this meal, I'm the steak, J.Sheon's the mash potatoes, Karencici's like the veggies, and ICE's like sauce (laughs). So we're already good on our own but we're figuring how to mix and match and offer people a full course," says Jackson. 

The group is positioned to be a long-term annual project, with the four acts are lending their impressive voices to PANTHEPACK every year for a grand celebration of music and Chinese culture. 

As the group's latest offering, PANTHEPACK most recently released their newest single, 'BUZZ'A hypnotic trap track with what is an equally mesmerising music video, the track serves as the public formal introduction to the group and the members. 

"'BUZZ' is a song that really represents each of us, and our own character and personality. Just by listening to the song, you can really tell who we are, as a group and as individuals," says Karencici. 

The new single comes as just the beginning of what PANTHEPACK has to offer, with their first-ever album slated to drop later this year and many more performances and content on the way. 

In a message to their fans, PANTHEPACK says, "There's a lot of stuff going on in the world today, with the pandemic and number of unfortunate things going on. We hope all of you are okay and are staying safe. Wash your hands, wear a mask and take care of yourself."

"And we as artists will do our best to entertain you with our album and all the content we have. You're not going to be disappointed. We hope to travel soon when the pandemic calms down, we can't wait to meet all of you."

Watch the music video for PANTHEPACK's 'BUZZ' here.