"I think it's the best time for R&B right now": An interview with Karencici

"I think it's the best time for R&B right now": An interview with Karencici


The infinite potential of R&B lies in its capacity to embrace lovelorn tunes and groovy, danceable jams.

Rising contemporary and R&B singer-songwriter Karencici attests to that truth. With her latest album, she evokes a wide spectrum of emotions with her eclectic blend of uptempo, introspective and sultry tracks. Most recently crowned with the Best R&B Single award at the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards, she affirms her position as one of the youngest, up-and-coming artists who will play an essential role in solidifying the substratum of the Taiwanese music scene. 

Ahead of the GIMA ceremony, Karencici speaks to us about her music and her affinity with R&B. 

Congrats on your nominations in the 10th GIMA! How are you feeling?


I’ve been feeling great! I’ve been working on my next album and doing a lot of shows here and there.

What is the overall theme and message behind SHA YAN?

The overall message behind my album SHA YAN is just how I view this world and my life as a 20-year-old girl, and my lyrics talk about love, relationships and just life in general.

You collaborated with rapper Junoflo on 'Go On'. How was it like working with him? 

It was great working with Junoflo. He has always been one of my favourite musicians and it was like a dream come true to work with him. There will definitely be more collaborations with other artists in the future; I’m currently working on it.

Timeless’ sounds really emotional and tender. Can you break down this track for us?

The track ‘Timeless' is actually one of my favourite tracks in my album. It’s an R&B-jazz track and it’s produced by my partner kvn. The lyrics talk about two clueless teens falling in love and overall, the vibe of this song is very sweet and romantic.

I noticed that you have songs in both Mandarin and English. 

Yes, I love both languages and my goal is to integrate both cultures. The language I use affects what I’m trying to say sometimes, but more generally, I like how different the flows are.

As a singer-songwriter, where do you find your music inspirations?

I find my inspirations from people around me. Their stories and their lives are what inspire me most of the time.

What about R&B makes you gravitate towards it and what do you think about being an R&B artist in 2019?

R&B has always been one of my favourite genres. I just love the vibe of it, but I would never limit myself to just doing one type of music. I love experimenting and having fun with what I do. I think it’s the best time for R&B right now, especially in Asia, as the audience is definitely growing bigger and bigger.

What are your upcoming music plans?

I have lots of projects in the works – collaborations, EPs, albums – all of that are coming soon.