Jakarta-based punk rock band Blackteeth release new single 'Pesta Di Neraka' after formation changes — listen

Jakarta-based punk rock band Blackteeth release new single 'Pesta Di Neraka' after formation changes — listen

Vocalist / guitarist Said Satriyo formed Blackteeth in late 2013. It first started as a one man project, then drummer Eno Gitara and guitarist Christopher Bollemeyer aka Coki from NTRL joined the band along with bassist Jerremia L Gaol aka Jerry. However, after releasing their second album Bleki last 2016, the band had to continue without Eno and Coki.

As explained by Coki on the press release:

Blackteeth is indeed Satriyo's project from the beginning. He is the one who made the concept, wrote the song, and gave the band the name. He's a tenacious person and had a clear vision for this band. When Eno and I was invited to join the band, i never doubted that this band will go in a more professional direction. Long time ago, I once said to Satriyo that if Blackteeth has reached to that phase, just continue the band with Jerry, because I'm sure, even without me and Eno, Blackteeth will still go ahead."

Eno then added:

I'm the first person to be interested and believed in the material that Satriyo uploaded on Soundcloud, which is why I offered myself to play drums in Blackteeth. The band is proven to be productive, and every time I toured with NTRL, many people told me how much they liked Blackteeth. Honestly, I'm not surprised, because i believed this band has reached that certain level. So I'm pretty sure without me and Coki, Blackteeth will still continue. Even I can't wait for NTRL to share the same stage and tour with Blackteeth. It's going to be really exciting in the backstage. (laughs)."

On the single 'Pesta Di Neraka', Blackteeth blend their rock and roll influence. Satriyo is a huge fan of rock and roll and has been adapting its elements to Blackteeth's music since their first self-titled album. He explained:

For this song, I tried to adapt Duo Kribo's 'Neraka Jahanam' and AC/DC's 'Highway To Hell' so that the listeners can really feel the thrill of a party in hell."

Listen to the song below: