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LAMC Productions launches Rising Star Series initiative to bolster emerging acts

LAMC Productions launches Rising Star Series initiative to bolster emerging acts

Even as concert promoter LAMC Productions is known for their large-scale events, some including Metallica's return in 2013 and Iron Maiden's local debut, they've also taken a refreshing left-turn to add to their portfolio of shows.

Dubbing it the Rising Star Series, it's an initiative established by LAMC to promote up-and-coming acts from all over the world, introducing them to a new (and even uninitiated) audience in Singapore.

"The Rising Star Series aims to be a trailblazer to follow for leads on the best & most current hot artistes to come to Singapore and the surrounding region," states LAMC Productions in a press release. "It will allow the local audience a chance to experience these artistes in a cosy, intimate setting that is unlikely to repeat as their fan-base grows."

The first act lined up for the Rising Star Series is Jamie Lawson, a 41-year-old singer-songwriter from the UK, who has been the first signee of Ed Sheeran's newly-minted label, Gingerbread Man Records. His self-titled album released under the label peaked at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart last October. iNCH is set to open for the singer-songwriter, who's slated to play on April 27th at the UCC Theatre, NUS Centre for Arts.

Watch the music video for Jamie Lawson's newest single, 'Wasn't Expecting That':


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