Jasmine Sokko reaches new heights with 'Porcupine' — listen

Jasmine Sokko reaches new heights with 'Porcupine' — listen

The wait for a full-length from singer/producer Jasmine Sokko has been almost agonizing — the talented artist has flexed her pop muscles with '1057' and 'H2O', establishing her strengths with songwriting (the former has raked in almost 500,000 plays on Spotify alone.)

And yet, with the immediacy of her EDM flourishes and razor-sharp melodies, Sokko is taking a slow, methodical approach with her releases. With the release of the No EP in September, 'Porcupine' is here to satiate any restlessness.

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Built upon sun-kissed house beats and aquatic rhythms, 'Porcupine' showcases an artist immensely focused on her strengths, and the song's hook is especially luminous. 'Porcupine' continues her themes exploring urban malaise, and the artist explains it here:

The ‘porcupine dilemma’ -- a metaphor capturing the difficulty of human intimacy. Just as how porcupines are impeded by their spikes to cuddle for warmth during winter, humans get socially crippled by the emotional distance they create around people out of self-protection."

Listen to 'Porcupine' here: