JOOX launches new live socially interactive feature 'ROOMS'

JOOX launches new live socially interactive feature 'ROOMS'

JOOX is taking entertainment to another level with the launch of their new socially interactive feature, ROOMS

Born out of a time of social distancing and isolation, the streaming service has unveiled a facet to their app that engages users in live conversations, games, and real-time music sharing. The feature officially launched today (24/06) on the JOOX app. 

"JOOX knows the value of keeping contact with friends and being socially active even amid the new normal brought to us by the pandemic," says JOOX Senior Vice President Poshu Yeung in an official statement. 

"With this in mind, JOOX is excited to roll out the new JOOX ROOMS feature, which will allow friends to meet up and keep their friendships strong while enjoying the music they like, all in one platform. This is a feature that will surely be enjoyed by the fun-loving and upbeat JOOX users.”

JOOX ROOMS allow users to gather in a live audio and video chat room with up to 27 people. Keeping in theme with the streaming service's mission to be the one-stop spot for music lovers, users will also be able to access, share, and play JOOX's vast library of music during their live session. Users can also play a game of Truth or Dare or even a round of karaoke. 

This new feature comes as the latest in live audio apps, following Spotify's GreenroomTwitter Spaces, and Clubhouse.