JYOCHO recommend Japanese eats, live action films, Pokemon starters, and more

JYOCHO recommend Japanese eats, live action films, Pokemon starters, and more

JYOCHO are coming to Manila this week and there's no better way to get to know them than hearing out their own recommendations.

Before gracing the 123 Block stage in Mandaluyong City this on September 7 (Saturday) at A Spur of the Moment Project's anniversary show FIERE, the Kyoto-based act had a chat with Bandwagon about their most favorite things, including the best eats, video games, and books to check out.

What would you recommend fans to eat after a JYOCHO show?

Daijiro: Mango!
Netako: Noodle soup dish.
Sindee: Cabbage with Miso.
hatch: Sushi.
Hachi: Dried strips of radish! (Japanese food!!!)

What would you recommend fans to drink during a JYOCHO show?

Daijiro: Beer!
Netako: Banana juice.
Sindee: Miso soup.
hatch: Japanese Sake!
Hachi: Beer!

What Asian acts should people check out?

Daijiro: skillkills!!
Netako: Akari Haneda.
Sindee: Sukippara ni Sake.
hatch: Okazaki Taiiku.
Hachi: Yuta Orisaka.

An anime everyone should watch

Daijiro: Toriko!! One Piece!!
Netako: Ghibli movie
Sindee: GUNDAM!
hatch: Studio Ghibli works! Princess Mononoke!
Hachi: Ghibli! Ghibli!

The best Japanese live action film ever

Daijiro: Ping Pong! Gantz!
Netako: Always Sunset on Third Street.
Sindee: Koki Mitani's works.
hatch: Can't narrow down to one! But my fav is アカルイミライ(Bright Future) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
Hachi: Yakiniku Dragon.

A video game you'd recommend

Daijiro: Metal Gear Solid 3!
Netako: Bomberman.
hatch: METAL GEAR SOLID! Especially 2&3!
Hachi: TRUMP with everyone!

The best Pokemon starter

Daijiro: Hitokage (Charmander)!
Netako: I've never played Pokemon before...but I like Dugtrio. It’s so lovely.
Sindee: Eevee
hatch: Charmander or Cyndaquil! I like Fire Pokemon!
Hachi: Umm…Pikachu?

A good book to read next

Daijiro: Roger Penrose!
Netako: Japanese Shiba MARU (Photo album of Japanese famous dog).
Sindee: Everyone wants to read someday, but there should be some books that haven't been read yet. I think it's best for you to read it.
hatch: Philosophy book.
Hachi: Creature picture book

JYOCHO will perform at FIERE at 123 Block in Mandaluyong City on September 7 (Saturday).

Tickets are available online for PHP 1,000 via A Spur of the Moment Project's official website. Walk-in tickets are priced at PHP 1,200.