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Warmth and good vibes all around with Kina Grannis — photo gallery

Warmth and good vibes all around with Kina Grannis — photo gallery

When YouTube songstress Kina Grannis announced a last minute show in Singapore, off the back of her time in the country filming Crazy Rich Asians (a segment of which is being filmed locally in this period), a surprise show warranted a spot at Hood Bar & Café on a Sunday night.

The venue ended up as perfect for the intimate, bare-bones show that Grannis delivered to an army of fans who’d gathered at the venue. Sharing endearing stories, along with playing a rich selection of fan favourites and covers, it was the show fans clamoured to see after her unfortunate Asia tour cancellation in 2015.

Grannis peppered this intimate show with casual anecdotes about trying her first McSpicy, and richer tales describing her experience writing ‘Little Worrier’ in a cabin in the woods.

The show was supported by Imaginary Friend (aka Jesse Epstein, Grannis' life partner) and Singaporean band The Façade, whose warm-up set provided a concise preview to their upcoming EP launch.

To get a feel of the warmth and good vibes that the show emanated, check out our photo gallery below.

Special thanks to Hood Bar and Cafe for the invite.

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