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LISTEN: Yellow Fang gets spacey with glistening new single, 'Morning'

LISTEN: Yellow Fang gets spacey with glistening new single, 'Morning'

Yellow Fang is undoubtedly one of Thailand's biggest gems within its thriving and dynamic indie music scene. 

Their brand of guitar-driven dream pop, powered by hazy walls of sound and melodic vocals in their native language, is exceeding refreshing in its earnestness, and their 2014 album The Greatest remains a catchy and overall delightful affair. 

While they've been playing shows in Asia in the interim — with a last-minute show at kult kafe while the band were in town for Laneway this year — they've only just released new material, just in time for Record Store Day. The 7" yellow vinyl contains three new songs: 'Unreal', 'Blanket' and the stellar 'Morning'.

Already available through Japanese label Stereo Records, 'Morning' is exemplary of the band's distinct pop prowess — sublime melodic lines driven by a propulsive rhythm, with spacey synths tacked in for a full effect of psychedelia. 

Watch the (mostly) animated music video for 'Morning' here:

Stream The Greatest below: