Make your own supergroup with Spotify's 'Supergrouper'

Make your own supergroup with Spotify's 'Supergrouper'

If you ever needed to know what TXT, Joji, and Billie Eilish would sound like if they all banded together, you might want to try Supergrouper

Spotify just launched a new feature where users can create their own supergroup of their favourite artists. To try out Supergrouper, simply go on the Spotify app and click on the 'Supergrouper' pop-up on the home page. 

Apps you can use with your Spotify account: Receiptify, Obscurify, Your Pie!, and more

From there, you can choose your favourite artists (or even have the streaming service randomise your dream team-up with your top 50 most-listened-to acts), decide on each member's 'position' in their new group, and decide on a name. 

Spotify will then generate a playlist combining your new group's songs for you to enjoy. 


This comes as the latest game-like feature from Spotify, following the likes of Duo Love Songs