Makoto Jazz Trio's Evergreen EP: A track-by-track guide

Makoto Jazz Trio's Evergreen EP: A track-by-track guide

The last time we caught up with fledging regional label Masumi Records, we covered Marvin Gold's outstanding single release for 'Loft 22' last Christmas. And if you like the vibes from record (like we did), we think you'd definitely be digging the imprint's vision for the future.

Dedicated to spotlighting funk & soul music from Asia, Masumi has plenty more up their sleeves as shown during their recent label party with The Upsidedown in Circular Road just a couple of weeks back.

During that event, Masumi showcased their latest signees, the Makoto Jazz Trio, to a wonderfully warm reception. And if you were left wanting more from that band, well you're in luck because they just release their debut EP entitled Evergreen earlier today!

As label rep Hafez Masterpiece (the alter ego of Marvin Gold) explains, "The trio is the ‘live’ reproduction of the works of Makoto Nakatani, a producer with no prior releases."

Makoto Jazz Trio's Makoto Nakatani.

"I’d known Makoto for about a year before we spoke about his production work. We’d been playing some street parties together and I’d always heard traces of jazzanova, broken beat and Brazil in his selections," Hafez continues.

"One evening, he brought over a hard disk of his unreleased works and by the end of the listening session, I knew there were a couple of songs that fit with the kind of house music I wanted to release on Masumi Records. A nice balance of electronic and analog."

With that in mind, we'll let mastermind Makoto Nakatani break down his trio's brilliant four-track effort for you.

'Change Your Mind'

In this track I tried to put one more essence on the house music. It is a kind of dub-taste sound. This hybrid track got to be a future bass sound."


I'm always inspired by various music, not only club music but also old music such as jazz, soul, funk and so on. I tried to make a mix of broken beats and bossanova. I believe these two tastes could match together and this track could reach the new style of music."


As this track is named, l tried to make positive vibes with a kind of galactic sound. I hope this track can make everyone happy and feel like dancing on the floor forever."


Basically this track can be categorized as a deep house or bass house, but it has a dramatic break in the middle of track, which make people get more excited. This composition makes this track a unique sound."

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