Moon Mask unveil new single 'Boulevard' – listen

Moon Mask unveil new single 'Boulevard' – listen

Filipino synth-pop act Moon Mask return with their latest single 'Boulevard.'

Despite the upbeat feel and the a-ha 'Take On Me' vibes the track carries, the lyrics tell a sad story about a girl vocalist and synthsman Zeon Gomez fell in love with, except the feeling "wasn't mutual."

In a tweet, Gomez writes, "One day I got a text about how she misses me and our whole day convos, but I told her I just need a little bit of time because don't dame her for not liking me back, but I need to clear my head. So I would take on errands and give myself any excuse to ride my dirty white Honda Civic and drive around. Just driving so I don't get to think about her - rain or shine just me and my car."

Prior to the release of 'Boulevard,' Moon Mask opened for The Bilinda Butchers in May.

Stream the track below.

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