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Moonwlk takes on their next project: a music video

Moonwlk takes on their next project: a music video

Electronic duo Moonwlk (Gabbi Buencamino and Nick Lazaro) has been around for quite some time, with two full length albums in their four years of existence. This year, aside from playing at Good Vybes Fest, getting both albums up on Spotify and making a full-on comeback in the gig circuit (READ: Bandwagon Guest List: Moonwlk), the two are taking on a new project: a music video.

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Gabbi and Nick are reaching out to fans and friends for support on their Artiste Connect page:

After four years of independently producing our own music, we've finally decided to take on our biggest project yet: a music video.  Working with a set of very talented and well-meaning directors, videographers, models, and fellow artists, we've managed to pull through financially for a better part of the project, but now we're on our final stretch and we need your help! Even the smallest contribution would mean a lot to us, so we've done our best to express our appreciation for your support through our different pledge options.

Click here to be a part of Moonwlk's first-ever music video.

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