Music Matters Academy connects artists, industry newcomers and young executives to music experts and recipes for success

Music Matters Academy connects artists, industry newcomers and young executives to music experts and recipes for success

For many musicians and music executives today - from the aspiring producers to the budding graduates, - fundamentals, foundation, and building a base for their career are arguably equally important as their work itself. When many dip their toes into a brand new territory, especially one that that's ridden with subjectivity and industry know-how, it aids to have a guiding hand. 

With that in mind, Music Matters Academy was born. An online platform formed in tandem with some of the most recognised and accomplished talents, the 3-month free-to-attend programme consists of a curated curriculum of key content for its participants, imbuing today's budding artists and music executives with the necessary tools to thrive within the music industry through conversations, workshops, and panels. The programme is in partnership with Believe and YouTube, supplying mentorship, training, and knowledge through intensive upskilling. 

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Beginning with the first two of eight modules designed for its audience, its kick-off sessions will be primarily focused on two key aspects - the publishing and distribution of music. Listen, learn, and get into conversation with the speakers, who are experts of the subject as well as trailblazers within their scenes. Its third module is set to launch in October of 2021, grand totalling 8 modules of that will run from now till December 2021.

Module 1 Experts. Credits: Branded

For Module 1: Publishing Matters, happening on the 31st of August, the speakers include an esteemed roster of established personnel, starting with Amy Thompson (Chief Catalogue Officer of Hipnogis), Mary Megan Peer (CEO of peermusic), Hazel Savage (CEO and Co-Founder of Musiio), Simon Moor (Managing Director APAC of Kobalt Music Publishing), Gregor Pryor (Parter of Reed Smith LLP), Ralph Simon (Chief Executive of Mobilium Global), Robb Spitzer (International Advisor for Rally), David Sheils (Head of APAC Music Publishing Partnerships for YouTube), Syaheed MSBI (Head of Artist Services (SEA & AUNZ) for Believe), Jason Fielding (Founder of TSC Consulting) and Jasper Donat (CEO of Branded). 

Purpose and outcome are the cornerstones of 'Publishing Matters'. Covering all the details that pertain to publishing, these consist of insights from the speakers regarding the role of music publishers, how they can assist in expanding artists exposure and gaining opportunities on a global scale, the legal aspects that come with copyright as well as publishing rights and examples of successful ground-breaking marketing strategies/partnerships that helped artists reach new heights and markets.

Module 2 Experts. Credits: Branded

Module 2, Distribution Matters, tackles the strategies after publication on the 1st of September. Here, industry giants Ole Obermann (Global Head of Music for TikTok), Andreea Gleeson (Co-Head and Chief Revenue Officer of TuneCore), Christophe Muller (VP, Music Licensing of YouTube), Denis Ladegaillerie CEO of Believe), Patrick Moxey, (President of Ultra Records) and Paul Smith (Director, Global Head of International Licensing for Spotify) will be speaking about the importance of distribution when it comes to promoting work of artists - in a digitalised world with so many platforms to stream and promote.

They will provide insights and pursue discussions pertaining to audio/video formats, live streaming, promotion, distribution, partnerships, and business visions in order to aid the process of creating prosperous distribution strategies in a diverse marketplace.

For a full breakdown of the academic modules, visit their website here.

The Music Matters Academy 2021 sessions will be live-streamed and made available on-demand on the Branded YouTube channel and the Music Matters Academy site. Registered participants will receive 40% off on TuneCore distribution products, as well as an exclusive opportunity to interact with the speakers live. Sessions are free-to-attend, and subject to the availability of tickets - register here.