On the Record: The albums that shaped The Ting Tings

On the Record: The albums that shaped The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings have come a long way since their 2008 breakout hit "That's Not My Name."

The English indie pop duo (comprised of Katie White and Jules De Martino) made their debut in Manila as one of Wanderland 2017's co-headliners alongside The Temper Trap earlier this month.

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Staying true to the band's Asian-sounding name (which they have attributed to a Chinese former colleague's), they've performed on tour and made festival rounds in the region, playing Singapore's Big Day Out in 2009 as well as stops in Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and most frequently, Japan.

With three albums under their belt–2008's We Started Nothing, 2012's Sounds from Nowheresville and 2014's Super Critical–the band are currently working on their fourth album.

Bandwagon recently caught up with the duo about the records that have shaped them and their career.

the ting tings blur

the ting tings jimi hendrix fleetwood mac


the ting tings samuel barber radiohead

the ting tings michael jackson prince

the ting tings sugarhill gang spice girls

the ting tings oasis liam gallagher

the ting tings the chainsmokers edm

the ting tings the cure

Jules: Doesn't exist, music has never scared me.

Katie: The Cure's Lullaby. Now, I adore it.

the ting tings beyonce lemonade beyhive


the ting tings the beatles the smiths morrisey

the ting tings jeff buckley sheer mag

Katie: At the moment it's been a song from about a year and a half ago by Sheer Mag called Fan the Flames. So good.

the ting tings kanye west pablo abba

Katie: Not a massive ABBA fan, sorry.

the ting tings talking heads ian brown the stone roses

Jules: There's quite a few. The Talking Heads' Remain in Light and Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.

Katie: Ian Brown's F.E.A.R. Clever, clever man.

Special thanks to Karpos Multimedia for setting up the interview!