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PHOTO GALLERY: .gif's spellbinding opening set for M83

PHOTO GALLERY: .gif's spellbinding opening set for M83

Five months on, soma has had fascinating enduring power, despite the cavalcade of .gif-featured live performances that followed. 

First getting the Laneway endorsement when they performed at their 2015 edition, they were cherry-picked again to open for M83, and this is yet another great example of the duo's versatility that we've not always been able to witness.

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Simply put: .gif owns the live stage, no matter how big it may be. Despite their modest array of gear, and lack of a larger-than-life stage presence, the immediate intimacy of .gif's material is intoxicating in a live setting, especially one as cavernous as The Coliseum. 

Their setlist consisted of material from soma — weish expertly held her own on 'money' with Mean's verse  and while it's always a pleasure to hear 'juvenile', especially with an added sub-bass punch, we only hope that there will be even more surprises from here on out. Headline show at The Coliseum, maybe?


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