Phum Viphurit on bringing Thai culture to the world and returning to Singapore for the TRIFECTA Music Festival

Phum Viphurit on bringing Thai culture to the world and returning to Singapore for the TRIFECTA Music Festival

With a potent mix of charming, easy-to-listen-to vocals and honest lyrics about love and life at his disposal, it is no wonder that Phum Viphurit has taken the indie world by storm.

In the six years since he dropped his 2017 debut album, Manchild, the Thai singer-songwriter has caught our attention with his 2018 hit 'Lover Boy', which is now essential listening for newcomers, linked up with SE SO NEON's So!Yoon!, khai dreams, and Valentina Ploy, and contributed to 88rising's Head in the Clouds and Head in the Clouds II albums.

Having brought his relaxing, yet thoughtful, tunes to events such as Head In The Clouds LA 2022, Joyland Festival Jakarta, VERY Festival, and Siam Music Fest, the 28-year-old has also become a familiar and adored face among music festival lovers.

Ahead of his performance at the TRIFECTA Music Festival in Singapore on 19 November, Phum spoke to Bandwagon about taking his 2023 album The Greng Jai Piece on tour, returning to Singapore, and life on the road.


Hi, Phum! How are you doing so far?

I'm good, been playing local shows in Bangkok and resting up after the tours abroad this year.

It's been almost a year since you released The Greng Jai Piece, and you've been taking it on tour since then. What's it like singing these songs to live audiences and what do you hope they take away from these songs?

It's been an interesting experience to see how the new songs, which are all very deeply rooted in Thai culture and norms have translated over to Eastern and Western audiences. I've enjoyed taking more of a narrator role with this body of work, and I hope that people enjoy the stories and innuendoes that are within the lyrics and music.

You've been touring extensively across the US, with a stint at Head In The Clouds in Los Angeles. What was that experience like?

It was great but long hahaha. I really missed home once I was about three weeks into the tour. The audience, whether big or small was the only source of energy that kept us as a homesick crew going. We loved it and we came home with a greater appreciation for, well, home.

You're back in Asia this month, playing shows across Thailand, and later this week, at Singapore's TRIFECTA Festival. Last time, you played a solo headlining show. What are you looking forward to the most in your return to Singapore?

I'm really looking forward to a festival experience in SG, last time was back in 2018 I think. To be amongst other great artists and to play to a new audience who aren't fully aware of your body of work will be fun and challenging.

 What's your favourite song of 2023 so far, and why?

I loved this tune I just discovered called 'Bar Mediterraneo' by Nu Genea. The song just moves and is colourful. Isn't overly produced or overplayed. It feels just right.

Phum Viphurit will perform at the TRIFECTA Music Festival 2023 on 19 November at 7:15 PM. Get tickets here