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Plainsunset gets in on the Pablo action, announces Kanye-inspired merch

Plainsunset gets in on the Pablo action, announces Kanye-inspired merch

The recent pop-up store by Kanye West at Suntec City drew as much derision as it did on merch sales.

Plenty of observers levelled criticism towards the high merch prices ($400 for military-styled jackets, for example) and the minimalist designs printed on Gildan-branded t-shirts.

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Of course, any business-savvy person would see this as an opportunity to latch onto a trend until it dies down, and even singer-songwriter Father John Misty released his own Pablo-esque line of merch, although it's probably less of cashing in and more of his usual societal satire.

Now, Singaporean indie rock band Plainsunset have announced their own Kanye-inspired t-shirt design, featuring the same Gothic typography, and also printed on Gildan material.

The band is currently gauging public interest on their Facebook page, with official pre-orders going up shortly. Despite following the designs that have gone for $60 a t-shirt, the band will keep each piece at an affordable $15.

If you feel less like Pablo and more like Johari Window, best to get your order in before they too end up on Carousell for $500. The band is currently prepping their final album.

Here's what happened when we queued up on Day 1 for the pop-up store in celebration of his latest album, The Life Of Pablo.

Watch the music video for Plainsunset's 'Six / Four':


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