PREMIERE: bittymacbeth's music video for 'Beauty For Ashes'

PREMIERE: bittymacbeth's music video for 'Beauty For Ashes'

For singer-songwriter bittymacbeth, 'Beauty For Ashes' isn't just the defining song off her EP, it's the culmination of personal struggles and how she was able to rise above it. 

“I wrote it to encourage myself through a rough patch - I was going through a break-up, while enduring a soul-sucking job that took me away from my loved ones," she says. Enshrined in her faith and resilience, 'Beauty For Ashes' was borne out of that, and the song's accompanying music video is a far cry from the celebratory 'Haters Gonna Hate'.

"The video follows a hardworking potter who work is destroyed for, initially, no apparent reason," bittymacbeth explains. "However, the ending of the video reveals that this paves the way for something greater, just as how we are sometimes broken so that we can be turned into something beautiful."

Watch the music video for 'Beauty For Ashes', exclusively on Bandwagon:

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