Red Velvet return with new album and music video for 'Queendom' - watch

Red Velvet return with new album and music video for 'Queendom' - watch

K-pop girl group Red Velvet have finally released their album Queendom!

Accompanying the album’s release is a music video for the title track, ‘Queendom’.


"With the message 'we are all the queens and kings of our lives, and we shine even more when we are together’, we hope all the listeners would gain strength and become happy,” said Red Velvet in a statement. “There's a cute choreography that anyone can follow, so please enjoy it while watching the performance.”

Comprising six tracks in total, the album is the ‘Psycho’ act’s sixth studio album thus far. Other tracks on the album are 'Pose', 'Knock On Wood', 'Better Be', 'Pushin' N Pullin', and 'Hello, Sunset’.

The Queendom album is also available in two versions - Queens and Girls.

“In this album, you can feel the members' mature vocals and the variety of colors only Red Velvet has,” Red Velvet shared. “We prepared all six songs with excitement, so we hope you can enjoy them comfortably in the hot summer and give good energy to a lot of people.”

To celebrate the release of the album, the girls of Red Velvet will also hold an online fanmeet, inteRView vol.7: Queendom, at 8 PM KST (7 PM SGT/PHT, 7 AM EST) on 16 August. Ticket prices start from USD 13 and are available on YES24.

The group’s comeback was announced in June, after a week-long celebration for Red Velvet’s 7th-anniversary. This included a special project titled Queens’ Mystic General Store, where props and costumes from Red Velvet’s previous music videos and concerts were showcased on Instagram.

Listen to Red Velvet’s Queendom here: